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COMMONWEALTH MAGAZINE Op-ed by Ivy Street School’s Executive Director, Brandon Cardet-Hernandez

Playing catch-up with remediation won’t work
Meeting kids where they are is the approach needed

FOR A MOMENT, imagine you commute to work each day by train. A co-worker also commutes by train, but on a different line. Every day your co-worker arrives late, missing important meetings. You both live equidistant from the office and take the same mode of transport, yet you are always on time, while your co-worker is not. Now imagine you discover that your co-worker is late because of a train track in need of repair that requires the conductor to go slower at certain times. The system has failed your co-worker. And while this may upset you to learn of it, it doesn’t impact you directly. That is until the route you take develops the same problem. Now the system has failed you both.

This story illustrates what the COVID-19 pandemic exposed about our education systems. For too many—primarily poor, Black and brown students, students living with special needs, and English language learners – the system had broken down long ago. For the rest of the article click here

5 for Good: Volunteers collect donated dresses for prom at Ivy Street School

At the Ivy Street School in Brookline, prom was held celebrating the end of a difficult year. Like all students, those at Ivy Street had to deal with remote learning, isolation and pandemic-related anxiety….See video here


Ivy Street School Welcomes Brandon Cardet-Hernandez
Brookline, MA – (November 03, 2020)
The Ivy Street School announced it has appointed Brandon Cardet-Hernandez as its new Executive Director. Brandon joins Ivy Street School with nearly twenty years of experience working in education, including serving as the Senior Education Policy Advisor for the Mayor’s Office of the City of New York and as the Principal of The Urban Assembly Bronx Academy of Letters, a turnaround high school in the South Bronx. As Executive Director, Brandon will be responsible for outlining a clear vision for Ivy Street’s future as a preeminent school for youth with neurocognitive and neurodevelopmental disorders. Additional responsibilities will include increasing the visibility and community-wide understanding of the organization’s mission, goals, and activities and deepening the ongoing work of building an inclusive community for students. MORE…



The Ivy Street School holds a number of events annually for our students and their families to celebrate our students, raise funds for our programs, and thank our partners. These include Suzanne and John Pratt Lecture, Graduation, Prom, and Extravaganza!

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