Lane Wendel, LICSW, CAS, Licensed School Adjustment Counselor
Residential Director

Lane joined the Ivy Street School in September 2015 as a clinical intern while she completed her Master’s degree in Social Work from Boston College. Prior to receiving her MSW, Lane received her B.S. in Human Development with a minor in Education from Cornell University. In May 2016, Lane joined the clinical team at Ivy Street as a full-time clinician and behavior specialist. Since joining the Ivy Street team, Lane earned her License in Independent Clinical Social Work, her Massachusetts License as a School Adjustment Counselor, and a certification as an Autism Specialist. In April 2019, Lane transitioned her work to the Residential Department, assuming the role of Residential Director. Lane‘s work within the residential program aims to promote a safe, positive, and therapeutic living environment for our students so that they can reach their fullest potential.

Rosa Eusebio
Residential Supervisor

Rosa joined the Residential team in November 2018 as a Counselor with two years’ experience prior to joining Ivy Street School. In June 2019, Rosa became a Residential Supervisor, supervising the front half of the week. Rosa is working towards completing her Master’s in Social Work to become a clinician and is currently completing her internship. Rosa hopes to gain more knowledge clinically while continuing to support the Residential Department’s operations and progress. When Rosa is not at Ivy she enjoys listening to podcasts, trying out new restaurants and spending time with her family.

All Joseph
Residential Supervisor

All attended the University of Massachusetts Lowell and obtained a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy. All has been at Ivy Street School since January of 2019 and held the Residential Counselor position before becoming a Residential Supervisor. Prior to joining Ivy Street School, All ran sales teams and managed accounts on the Northeast coast for a major telecom company. What All loves about working at Ivy is that everything is a team effort in which, he believes, creates a strong community of people willing to come together and achieve a common goal with positive results. When not at Ivy, All enjoys activities that include being in water under the sun or thrashing through snow mountains. Music production has also been a long-time hobby of his and he continues to practice his craft any chance he gets.

Tom Bonanno
Cottage Farm Program House Manager

Tom earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Tom joined the Ivy Street team in 2015 and worked in multiple roles at the school before becoming the Cottage Farm Program House Manager in 2018. Tom enjoys working at Ivy Street School because of the wonderful people he gets to collaborate with, the unique and talented students that go here, and the sense of serving others that is fostered here. In his free time, Tom enjoys playing the alto saxophone and biking through the hills of Western Massachusetts.

Stefan Schmidt
Cottage Farm Program Clinical Treatment Supervisor

Stefan joined the Ivy community in 2018. Stefan began as a Teaching Assistant before working as a Residential Supervisor and now Clinical Treatment Supervisor at Ivy’s Cottage Farm Program. Stefan is a Registered Behavior Technician who brings experience in Applied Behavior Analysis to his work at Ivy. Stefan strives to grow the Cottage Farm Program and Residential Department in creative ways.

Andrea Rivera Casul
Cottage Farm Program Supervisor

Andrea recently relocated to Massachusetts from living eight years in Davenport, Iowa and Caguas, Puerto Rico. She joined Ivy Street School in September 2019 as a Counselor for the Residential Department and later on transitioned to Residential Supervisor for CFP. She joins us after working four years at a private university setting working with a population of 3,000 residential students. She is a trained mediator and advocate, and has provided many trainings for college students and professionals at conference level at her previous institution from how to mediate conflict to cultural/diversity background support trainings. Andrea achieved her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. Her background in Student Affairs gave her the passion to work with students from underrepresented communities, advocate for students with mental health needs and work alongside many departments to help the success of every student. When Andrea is not at CFP she can be found cooking and trying out new recipes, reading a new book by the waterfront, listening to music and catching up with family.