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Skills for Life Program

What does greater independence
mean to you?

It’s a question that each of our clients answers differently.

Skills for Life supports individuals in building greater independence through the acquisition of concrete skills and executive functioning development. Our Occupational Therapists work one-on-one with clients in the spaces that matter most: their own homes and communities. This home-based coaching approach allows us to support our clients in practicing the essential skills, habits, and routines they need in their daily lives.

Through our shoulder-to-shoulder model, we dig deep with clients on identifying areas of strength and need. Our team is committed to finding creative methods to support learning in ways that work for each unique individual we serve. We set big goals and break them down. We’re not afraid to dig deep.

And, we recognize that growth never happens in isolation. We work in partnership with our clients’ families to build skills and routines together. And, for clients looking for social opportunities, we offer regular gatherings to build community and develop connections.

Some of our skill areas:

As Occupational Therapists, we are uniquely trained to facilitate opportunities for our clients to develop life skills. Some of the skills we work on are:

• Financial literacy
• Food and cooking
• Hygiene and personal appearance
• Health and wellness
• Transportation and community access
• Post-secondary education
• Social and recreational skills
• Medication management

Our Clients

  • We work with young adults aged 16 and older who are interested in taking a more active role in their transition to adulthood and learning skills to support them in doing so.
  • With support, our clients must be able to identify areas they wish to improve upon and be able to set clear goals or intentions for themselves.
  • Commonly we work with individuals who identify as having ASD (formerly, Asperger’s), NVLD, ADHD, TBI, or other neurological and/or behavioral diagnoses.
  • We work with individuals within a 40 mile radius of both Brookline, MA and Providence, RI.