We welcome visits from educators and professionals interested in learning more about the Ivy Street School.

Our admissions process is designed to ensure that potential students and families are introduced to the extensive opportunities we offer. In order to help students, families and school districts make a thoughtful, informed decision about placement, we’ve developed the following admissions process:

1.) The admissions process formally begins when the involved school district contacts us about openings and refers a student to us.

2.) A campus tour is scheduled. The potential student, family members, and representatives from the school district and other involved agencies are invited. The tour includes lunch with current students, meetings with key clinical, educational, and program personal and an up-close look at our programming, our classrooms, residence hall, and grounds. This is a time for you to meet the staff people you would be working with and a time for us to learn about you and your goals for the future.

3.) The school district sends us a referral packet, providing an additional, rich picture of the student’s needs.

4.) We work as a team with the student, family, and school district to determine if the Ivy Street School is the school where the student has the best chance to be successful. Once a student formally chooses us, we are able to make acceptance decisions within days.

5.) A start-date is set and we work closely with the new student and family to prepare for the move and for a new future at the Ivy Street School.


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Ivy Street School
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  • For admissions inquiries and to schedule a tour,
    call Tunzel Hayes at 617-620-7779
  • To reach our front desk, call 617-738-5110
  • Fax 617-738-1247

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