Social Skills

So much of being ready for adult life is being able to communicate and interact with others. For many students, the Ivy Street School is the first place they feel truly supported and included. Our program is structured to place an emphasis on developing social skills. This is critical for all students whether they are on the autism spectrum, have an organic or acquired brain injury, or behavioral health challenges.

The Ivy Street School has developed a very active clinical and activity group program, as well as in-house and community-based vocational opportunities, all of which are designed to develop and encourage social skills through contact with peers, our staff, and the outside community.

Our location in Brookline, just across the street from Boston University, provides a wealth of community-based options for recreation and learning, including horseback riding, rock climbing, boating, indoor swimming, ice skating, MBTA experience, activities at the Brookline Teen Center, and much more, helping students to further develop their social schools and interact with others in a variety of settings.