Transition Planning

Preparing for the future and a full adult life is the goal of all of our work at Ivy Street. Transition planning knits together several features of the Ivy Street Program. Our phased residential program offers the opportunity for students to practice a variety of independent life skills such as shopping, cooking, doing laundry, cleaning, and community integration in a home-like environment.

Well before graduation, the Ivy Street team works to integrate the family, future employers and educators, and future service providers into the IEP process to ensure seamless and successful transition into the student’s new life. IEP goals and therapeutic exercises will focus on advanced self-management and social skills. By this stage students have achieved successful, competitive employment and have completed career exploration, and may enroll in local college courses or adult education services with the support of our transition team.

Because the Ivy Street School has always been regarded as a transition-focused school, we were approached by a team of Education Advocates, families, and dedicated professionals who helped us launch an additional classroom for our transition program.

For more information about our Transition Program for students ages 17-22 with ASD who have passed the MCAS or who are on track to pass the MCAS, view our Transition Program Flyer (pdf).