Shooting Beauty comes to the Ivy Street School

Award winner photographer and documentary filmmaker Courtney Bent came to the Ivy Street School to launch our photography workshop. A Producer of the documentary film Shooting Beauty led a photography workshop with Ivy Street students and helped to establish our permanent photography elective.

Bent taught students how to operate cameras and use them as tools to express themselves and show others how they perceive the world, capturing their individual points of view. Students took photos around the community, in the Brookline neighborhood surrounding the school, and on a shoot in Harvard Square. Students took still lifes, landscape and nature shots, portraits, and self-portraits to depict themselves through the camera's eye. They edited their work, selecting their favorites from their portfolios for the slide show below:


Gallery of student work:

Shooting Beauty tells the story of Courtney Bent, an aspiring fashion photographer whose life is transformed when she starts a photography program for individuals with disabilities. The Shooting Beauty Project "is an outreach and engagement initiative aimed at challenging stereotypes that prevent inclusive attitudes and inclusive communities." The project centers around redefining society’s vision of beauty and how, through art, conversations can begin about important and often unspoken issues surrounding acceptance, diversity, and disability.


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