Staff Profile: Clinical Director Dr. Maryellen Pambookian

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Clinical Director Dr. Maryellen Pambookian

Ivy Street School's Clinical Director Dr. Maryellen Pambookian came to the school in the Fall of 2014 with over 20 years of clinical, supervisory, and special education experience. Among other roles, Maryellen served as a Program Director at the South Shore Educational Collaborative for 18 years, developing programs for students with language-based learning disabilities, mental health challenges, and autism spectrum disorder.

Maryellen has a B.A. in Psychology, an M.S. in Clinical Psychology, an M.Ed. in Special Education and a Ph.D. in School Psychology. She is a Massachusetts-certified School Psychologist and Director of Special Education, and she has been an adjunct faculty member at Bridgewater State University in the Special Education Department.

As Clinical Director, she supervises the clinical, behavior, and nursing teams here at the school. As such, she is involved with every student, and thrives on working with her teams to ensure they deliver individualized and comprehensive treatment to give each student the best possible outcomes as they grow and develop.

Maryellen even played a key role in developing Ivy Street School's Transition Program before she was on our staff. Roughly three years ago, she was a part of a group comprised of Educational Advocates, consultants, parents, and other professionals, who created a program for students who were ready to graduate but not yet ready for post-high school life. Ivy Street School was the institution that adopted this program, which has flourished into the innovative transition programming we have today.


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