Ivy Street School Implementing Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS)

Ivy Street School is rolling out a new system of Applied Behavior Analysis called Positive Behavior Intervention and Support, or PBIS, which uses data to track behaviors and interventions to consistently ensure that our students make progress.

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Collection and observation of data is crucial in Applied Behavior Analysis, which is what makes PBIS such a useful tool in its implementation. Each staff member is required to collect data through our incident report system, which is then entered into our PBIS system and reviewed on a weekly basis. This data can be broken down and analyzed by a number of variables, such as location and time. Data helps to guide what level of Intervention students need, what the problem areas are, and what data to collect to get further information.

This allows us to use this information on both an individual and school-wide scale. The PBIS database’s graphing system allows us to track an individual student’s progress in increasing replacement behaviors and decreasing problem behaviors. We can record when and where incidents occurred and how effective interventions have been, constantly making adjustments as needed.

Recognizing and reinforcing expected behavior is key to this system as well as to Applied Behavior Analysis as a whole. At Ivy Street School, students clearly understand their behavior expectations, and abiding by them earns the student “Ivy bucks.” These can be redeemed for rewards that reinforce positive social interactions, such as playing games, having lunch, or going on a field trip with a friend or preferred staff member.

Beyond the individual level, the PBIS system is used to examine behaviors on a school-wide scale. For example, we can view all incidents in terms of variables such as type, location, or time. This data informs our programming as a school, allowing us to pinpoint where adjustments need to be made and continuing to increase our effectiveness, leading to improved results for our students.

As with all our programming here at Ivy, we encourage student involvement. Students will be encouraged to give feedback on the PBIS program through a comment card system, identifying what they do and do not like about it. This will give them the opportunity to express their ideas and frustrations, helping to further guide and improve the program as it moves forward.

With this new system in place, Ivy Street School will be able to better collect data, observe, and act upon it. By measuring behaviors and interventions and adjusting as needed, we can further enhance the ways in which we provide each student with the individualized support they need to successfully transition to adulthood.


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