With a maximum class size of 7 students, Ivy Street’s student-to-faculty ratio is 2:1. Our curriculum conforms to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and can be tailored to meet other states’ graduation requirements. Many students’ goals include taking the MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) and passing the test for high school diplomas. All of our teachers are licensed special education providers with experience developing creative and experiential learning opportunities.

The Ivy Street School works with the referring school district to craft an Individual Education Program (IEP) for each student to reach his or her personal academic goals. The tailored academic curriculum is built around self-management skills. Our active vocational curriculum includes pre-vocational training, resume development, and job placement, as well as job coaching. Additionally, life skills are integrated into classroom teaching, and all students participate in a weekly culinary class.

All of Ivy Street School’s classrooms and residential programs have a focus on preparing students for the next steps in their lives, including academic, vocational, and life skills goals. Students participate in life skills preparation by budgeting, taking public transportation, grocery shopping and cooking.

One of our classrooms is dedicated to supporting students who have already passed MCAS but are continuing to work on gaining transition skills with a focus on social cognition and social thinking. These students typically pursue classes in community college and apply for competitive employment while attending Ivy Street School. These students have a particular focus on social cognition and social thinking.

Ivy Street School’s day and residential program was recently reviewed by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Program Quality Review. Please click here to see Ivy Street’s plan to address the findings.