Early vocational training is critical to future success. The vocational skills for working with co-workers and supervisors, taking on responsibility, and approaching work with the right attitude can only be learned on the job.

This is why we partner with local employers large and small, to create tailored volunteer and work opportunities. Ivy Street School students have worked at Northeastern University, Boston University, and MIT, as well as restaurants, garages, salons, boutiques, pet groomers, day care centers, and local hospitals and libraries. Students provide valuable services to local businesses, discover their own interests, learn valuable vocational skills, and take the first steps in their careers.

With our Person-Centered Employment model each student explores his or her own path. Where each student starts depends on whether they have past vocational skills training and on their age when they enter Ivy Street.

Students work through a phased Vocational Skills Curriculum alongside a Job Coach, working at their own speed and in their own chosen career paths.

Our vocational program is staffed by Occupational Therapists, Job Developers and Vocational Coaches all of whom assist with providing 1:1 on-the-job coaching, as needed.