Transition Programming

Transition Programming

Planning for the transition to adulthood is a major focus for all students at the Ivy Street School. Vocational programming and other transition plans are integrated throughout our curriculum; students work with vocational counselors to discover and acquire their first jobs. We partner with Stop and Shop, Panera, Good News Garage, MIT, and a number of other employers to provide vocational opportunities for our students. All students participate in community independence training and skills groups led by occupational therapists.

Our Transition Program (pdf) is a highly regarded program operating within the Ivy Street School specifically targeted to students ages 17 to 22 who have completed their academic requirements and have the support of their school districts for an additional year or more of transition-focused planning. We support students as they begin their next phase of life. Our transition program students attend college, work real jobs in the community and work with our professional staff on life skills including public transportation, apartment-living, banking, cooking and other necessary skills for their transition to young adulthood.

We also offer a two-week off-campus summer residential program that immerses students in the experience of community living.

Please enjoy this video of students talking about their personal experiences with our transition program:


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