Reversing Course: Learning Loss in A Global Pandemic

Thank you for joining us for our webinar on April 27, Reversing Course: Learning Loss in a Global Pandemic, presented by Ivy Street School and Boston University’s Wheelock College of Education and Human Development.

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Resources referenced in the discussion:

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Stand-out Practices from the Pandemic:

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Resources on educator evaluation my team built this year :

Principal and Teacher Advisory Cabinets


As we move into the second year of this global pandemic, how do we address the significant academic, social, and emotional toll COVID-19 has taken on school-age children? While some have said we might be seeing a “lost generation”, others are heralding the narrowing of the digital divide. With millions of students across the U.S learning remotely, unprecedented numbers not attending school, and municipalities canceling assessments—we are experiencing a crisis of learning loss.

Image of a classroom with two students. Desks are safely distanced. In foreground, signs about social distancing

  • What are the consequences of such learning loss?
  • Where do we go from here?
  • How do we prioritize and address a multitude of issues?
  • What steps should be taken in the short-term in order to support students?
  • And how do we innovate for the future, to build on the lessons being learned?

Important Questions Answered

Brandon Cardet-Hernandez headshotThe Ivy Street School is honored to partner with Boston University Wheelock College of Education and Human Development. Moderated by Brandon Cardet-Hernandez, Executive Director of the Ivy Street School, the first in a series of conversations will address questions from various stakeholders in education and YOU.


Scheduled Panelists include:

Headshot of Jonah EdelmanJonah Edelman, CEO, Stand for Children



Heather Peske, Senior Associate Commissioner for Instructional Support; Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education



headshot of Lindsay JonesLindsay Jones, President, and CEO of National Center for Learning Disabilities


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