Skills for Life clients who would like to get to know peers they can relate to are invited to join our community gatherings, facilitated by Community Coordinator elly kalfus. Making friends as an adult is hard, and our goal is to make comfortable spaces where you can show up as yourself and find people you want to connect with. All gatherings are voluntary and do NOT involve social skills training or forced talking.

Since 2021, we have gathered in-person and online a number of times to check out new places and get to know each other.

In-person we have gone to: Sunshine Farms, Shelburne Farms, Versus Arcade, Time Out Market Boston and Harvard Square comic shops.  All gatherings have been free, with participants paying their individual cost of admission or food.

We have also gathered virtually over Zoom this past year to talk about what we’re watching on TV, our favorite interests, to play Cards Against Humanity and show & tell, and to check in about how we’re surviving this year. All Zoom meetings are camera-optional, so people can show up however feels most safe.

Based on community feedback, in 2022 we are shifting our focus to helping individual clients organize day-trips that appeal to their interests, and making small group spaces for clients to share about victories, struggles, and plans to try out other community spaces in the Boston area and online.

Example trips organized by clients:

  • Thrift shopping & lunch
  • Hiking with dogs
  • Board game cafe
Small group themed gatherings:
  • Disability Justice group (closed)
  • Autistic Women calls
  • Accomplishments/Struggles monthly check-in group
  • Checking out community events put on by other organizations
Dates are To Be Announced, aiming for 1-2 events/month and pending COVID updates. If you are a SFL client who is interested in, curious or excited about any of these possibilities, or would like to suggest new ideas, email elly at or let your occupational therapist know that you’d like more information.