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Thoughts from our Clients and Families

“Skills for Life has really benefited me in so many ways. With Skills for Life, I learned so much including how to pay the bill at restaurants, how to cook dinner, how to go grocery shopping and because I’ve gained so many skills, I’m going to use these skills forever.” – Skills for Life Client

“Skills for Life has helped my 22-year-old daughter identify where she needs the most help. Our OT is masterful at helping her narrow down how to find employment, communicate with her employer, keep her weekly activities organized and stay busy with activities and friends. She is our most valued resource when it comes to problem solving issues that affect our daughter’s young adult life.”  – Skills for Life Parent

“So many aspects of the adult world were overwhelming to our daughter which fostered her dependence on her family. Working with our OT and the Skills for Life program helped to teach her new skills while harnessing our daughter’s motivation to overcome obstacles. Our OT helped her to break down every problem and find solutions to each one. In turn, our daughter’s self-esteem has greatly improved, and her success propels her forward towards a brighter future. Our whole family is indebted to the teachings of  our Skills for Life OT and the Ivy Street School for creating this much-needed program.” -Skills for Life Parent

“Skills for Life made me realize I’m an adult.” – Skills for Life Client

“Since starting to work with my OT, I’ve been more confident in myself and I’ve developed stronger initiation skills than I’ve ever had before, which used to be much harder for me. I am also able to better move past hardships. – Skills for Life Client

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Program Director: Jane Hannafin, MS, OTR/L

Clinical Director: Brooke Howard, MS, OTR/L