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Admissions FAQ

Admissions FAQ

If you have any admissions questions please call our Admissions line at (617) 620-7779. We strive to answer every call but if we are unable to do so, leave a message and our Admissions Director, Tunzel Hayes, will return your call promptly. You can also reach us at

We review the referral from the school district and members of our team have extensive meetings with the family, the school, the student, and other service providers that may be involved in the child’s life. We want to make sure we can meet your child’s needs, and provide a safe and supportive environment that is a good fit for your child. We make every effort to make decisions promptly and to review all relevant information.

Ivy Street is an approved Massachusetts Chapter 766 school. We also work with many other states to comply with their requirements for special education placement. As one of the few brain injury schools in the country, we fill a unique need in the private special education community. We would be happy to talk to you about your student.

In almost all cases, students must be determined to be eligible for an out-of-district placement by their home school district. Once the SPED Director or out-of-district coordinator has made the official referral, the home school or district pays the tuition.

Yes, occasionally. Please call us at (617) 620-7779 or email us.

In some cases a school district may recommend that a student attend the Ivy Street School after they have completed their academic requirements. This program focuses on life skills, social skills, and vocational training to prepare students for a successful transition to adult life.

Our school year spans 12 months. We accept students throughout the school year as openings become available.

Ivy Street students are between the ages of 13 to 21. Many of our students have Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, neurological challenges including TBI, and mental health diagnoses. If you’d like to speak with our team about whether your student would be a good fit, please get in touch.