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Mission and Vision

What is Ivy Street?

At Ivy Street, we offer multiple programs aimed at providing the skills and healing for neurodivergent youth to thrive.

At the Ivy Street School, we offer high school, postsecondary and vocational support to our day and residential students.

Through our Skills for Life program, we bring Occupational Therapy services to your home community, strengthening the skills needed for greater independence through shoulder-to-shoulder therapeutic support.

And at our Mental Health Clinic – opening soon! – we will take on the individual and family therapeutic interventions that cultivate healing and strengthen healthy and adaptive habits.

Using a lens of disability justice, we support the whole child through a person-first model driven by collaboration, a willingness to think big, and a commitment to really knowing the people we work with. In our work with each youth, we start with their own “why” – and we allow healing and learning to grow from there.

“Ivy Street actually respects, supports, and accepts me for who I am, and they let me express myself.”

Ivy Street School Student