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Student Life

Living together, learning together.

Residential life at Ivy Street is packed with rich and meaningful experiences. Living alongside friends and classmates, our students find that the opportunities to develop social connections are just as important as the life skills we practice. At Foundations and CFP, we support students as they learn and grow – celebrating them for who they are, while allowing them to explore who they can be.

Residential Groups

During the after-school hours, skill development and leisure time go hand-in-hand. To promote skills and leisure, we offer a robust schedule of residential groups. Groups are led by residential staff and other service providers. The selection of groups changes often – and it’s always based on student interest. If we have three students that love anime, you can bet we’ll be starting an anime group!

Residential groups promote leisure skills, interest development, and friendships. They’re also a lot of fun – the perfect way to pass an afternoon at Foundations or CFP.

Some of our recent groups include:

  • Chess and board games
  • Art open studio
  • Short story writing
  • Science exploration
  • Cooperative gaming
  • “10 Peaks Club” hiking group
  • Cooking and baking


Weekends at Ivy Street are prime time for community exploration! Some students opt to go home on the weekends, on a weekly basis or occasionally. For those who stay at Foundations or CFP, a rich schedule of enrichment programming awaits.

We offer a minimum of four group trips per weekend at each residential program. We visit locations near and far: from cultural festivals that are just a short T ride away, to breathtaking hikes in Western Mass. Students participate in the planning, suggesting fun locations and working together to decide on the trips for the coming weekend. With so many community trips, weekends at Ivy Street are a never-ending adventure.

Scroll through some of our favorite weekend trips:


Our residential program is supported by a team of skilled nurses who provide a comprehensive approach to our students’ healthcare needs. The nursing team collaborates with students’ providers, both internally and externally, to support the overall health of each student through a holistic model of wellness.

Our nurses manage students’ medication administration, appointments with outside providers, and day-to-day medical needs. Many students and their families choose to work with our consulting psychiatrist. Additionally, our nursing team works to educate students around their own wellness needs. By gaining a deeper understanding of nutrition, medications, and the healthcare system, our students move towards greater independence as they approach adulthood.