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Strategic Plan

Where does the next step take us?

At Ivy Street, we know that the next step begins now. This is true in the work we do with our students to prepare for life after school. On day one, we start thinking about what each student will need for a successful future.

Similarly, as a community, we have an unwavering eye on the future of Ivy Street. Our work has demonstrated that our models of teaching and treatment drive outcomes and help our students find success. How do we continue to improve our model, and how can we allow even more young people to benefit?

These are the questions that have informed our Strategic Plan. The Ivy Street School Strategic Plan 2021-2024 defines our priorities for improving our educational, residential, and therapeutic services. Developed with input from a variety of groups within the Ivy Street community, the Strategic Plan is based upon collective goals for program growth that draw upon a pool of varied experiences and expertise. These goals inform our priorities in current and future work and have allowed us to lay a roadmap for growth within the Ivy Street School and over the next three years.

The Strategic Plan is comprised of objectives in ten areas for program growth and development. The objectives, outlined below, will be completed over the three-year period of May 2021 to May 2024.

Our Strategic Plan objectives:

Service Delivery Model


Health and Nutrition

Program Operations


Continuous Learning



Human Resources