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Ivy Street’s Vocational Perspectives featured in Boston Business Journal

Viewpoint: Make inclusive workplaces for neurodivergent professionals

by Kevin McGrath, Director of Vocational Services and Brandon Cardet-Hernandez, Executive Director

History has proven that times of great need for workers often bring about the most seismic societal shifts, such as demand for labor in WWII ushering women in, more formally, to the workforce. With labor shortages touching every sector today, now is the time for businesses to redefine hiring practices and improve workplace conditions to attract and retain neurodivergent professionals, who are willing and able to meaningfully contribute their skills to the workforce.

As director of vocational services at a preeminent school for youth with neurocognitive and neurodevelopmental disorders, I’m often asked how the staffing crisis brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted my students’ experience gaining employment. In truth, a lot has changed. The business community is confronting widespread labor shortages and looking for talent. At the same time, people with disabilities still struggle to gain competitive employment due to the advantages neurotypical people are given throughout the hiring process. For the rest of the article click here